Free Elementor Footer Templates

Download Elementor footer templates and a kit to easily make a website footer. Follow simple steps for a polished design using Elementor. Improve your website’s look and features with these easy tools.

Save your time by downloading All Elementor footer templates with just one click from the link below.

26 Elementor Footer
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Explore 50+ free Elementor footer templates that are responsive mobile-ready templates. All of these templates are completely 100% free downloads to make any website. You can use our templates for your personal, business and as well as, commercial sites.

The footer is the crucial component of the Website. It shows information about the company and a quick link as well as contact us. It is easy to edit with free Elementor. I know most beginners face an issue when he/she creates a footer using the WordPress widget. So, I provide free Elementor footer templates that are helping to make a footer.

In conclusion, all of these footer Elementor templates make your Website more interactive. First, choose any footer and download then import it. Your job is done.

The footer of a website is an area of content at the bottom of the page. A copyright notice, a link to a privacy policy, a sitemap, a logo, contact information, social networking icons, and an email sign-up form are usually included. In brief, a footer contains information that increases the general usability of a website.

How Important Are Footers

You might be wondering if the footer design is really that significant. Yes! It is, as many website footer examples demonstrate because it is one of the most noticeable areas on a website. Chartbeat looked at 25 million page visits and discovered that people scroll down thousands of pixels. There is no such thing as an excessively tall page or an excessively long footer.

If you don’t trust us, you may examine the visitor’s “scroll depth” on your site using digital tools like Lucky Orange, Crazy Egg, and ClickTale. 

We create an Elementor footer with best practices. You can get these footers in one click.

What to Put in a Website Footer
  1. Copyright Notice
  2. Privacy Policy Link
  3. Sitemap
  4. Logo
  5. Contact Information
  6. Social Media Icons
  7. Email Sign-up Form

Free Elementor footer templates are simple footer designs. It was designed using the most popular Elementor Page builder. There are available in JSON format which you can easily import into the library. It was created by Ch Mudassar Shakeel.

You can change and edit the Elementor footer in the Elementor page builder using Elementor Header & Footer Block plugin. With this, you make a custom footer design and display it differently on each page.