What is Elementor

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What is Elementor for WordPress?

Elementor is the latest & free WordPress drag and drop editor, that help you create amazing WordPress websites with less time.

The key feature is that you can design website with limitless possibilities. It includes dozens of useful widgets, a stunningly designed template library, a unique mobile editing toolset and a visual revision history feature. These are just some of the features available for you in this free plugin.

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  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • 300+ Designer Made Templates
  • 90+ Widgets
  • Responsive Editing
  • Popup Builder
  • Theme Builder


  • No Coding
  • Navigator
  • Global Editor
  • Finder
  • Hotkeys
  • Shortcut Cheatsheet
  • Redo Undo
  • Copy Paste
  • Copy Style
  • Auto Save
  • Revision History
  • Draft Mode
  • In-line Editing
  • Global Widget
  • Dark Mode
  • Site Settings
  • Full Website Kits
  • Kits library


  • Global Fonts
  • Global Colors
  • Global Custom CSS
  • Background Gradients
  • Background Videos
  • Background
  • Background Slideshow
  • Blend Mode
  • CSS Filters
  • Color Sampler
  • Shape Divider
  • Box Shadow
  • Absolute Position
  • One-Page Websites
  • Motion Effects
  • Icons Library
  • SVG Icons
  • Theme Style
  • Text Path Widget
  • Mask Shapes
  • Gradient Button

How to install Elementor Website Builder

  • Login To WordPress Dashboard
  • Go To Plugin and Click on Add New
  • Search Elementor
  • Click on Install and Activate 

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