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Download free Elementor templates and template kits from Mc Starters to easily create your website. We offer full pages, sections, or blocks.

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Squeeze Landing Page V1
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Download Elementor Template Kit

Our platform is dedicated to helping you create stunning WordPress websites using Elementor Template Kits. With our vast collection of pre-designed templates, you can easily build a professional website in no time. Our user-friendly interface allows for seamless customization, enabling you to tailor your website to your unique style and preferences. Experience the convenience and efficiency of building a WordPress website with Elementor Template Kits, with no coding required.

Explore our free Elementor templates, which help you to make a website with a responsive design.MC Starters’ free Elementor templates will add significant value to your business if you are a designer, developer, and freelancer.

Most freelancers make a client website using templates, so here you find the list of Elementor Template Kits for every type of business; you can find the Elementor landing page, resume, law agencies, companies, accounting, lawyer, fitness templates, etc. These templates are a huge time saver because they can save you hours of time and effort. With this approach, you can make the website faster.

MC Starters website also provides an Elementor header  and Elementor footer, which you can also find on this website. Making a website using the Elementor page builder is very easy because we offer free Elementor templates with header and footer sections.

A lot of small elements go into making a website that is both attractive and functional. As a result, one of the most difficult aspects of becoming a web designer is delivering high-quality work while remaining efficient. It takes time to create layouts, add special effects, and ensure that your work can be viewed on any device.

As a result, designers are increasingly utilising useful tools such as page builders. They enable you to quickly design stunning page layouts without the hassle of writing and testing code. As a consequence, you’ll have a beautiful, fully functional website in a fraction of the time.

You can quickly create your website with the Elementor page builder. Elementor allows you to make a page in two different methods. You can select any pre-built design and customize the information and pictures to meet your specific website requirements. The other option is to start from scratch and build your website.

An Elementor template is a collection of pre-designed and functioning templates. It’s similar to having a ready-made website with a concept focused on a certain sector or business. The template kit has the same color scheme, typeface, and typography as the original, as well as the same button style. The principle is frequently used to create other style aspects. Elementor features a vast library of template kits for a variety of industries, including eCommerce, law firms, agencies, lifestyle blogs, and more.

You can select any of the template kits based on the purpose of your website. It’s a great technique to get things done faster.

Download Our free Elementor template kit to make your website faster. You can also hire an Elementor expert.

How to Use Mc Elementor Template Kit.

  • First, you need to download the template from our website. This will be in Zip format.
  • Now go to Elementor > Setting > Import and Expert Tab.
  • Click on import and upload the Zip file. Done

You can export Elementor templates after these simple steps

  • Now go to the WordPress dashboard and go to “My templates”.
  • Click on “Saved Templates”
  • Hover on templates and click on export

Now you successfully export templates step by step.

You can get free Elementor templates from and also learn how to download these templates and how to use Elementor templates in WordPress.