Refund And Returns Policy

We’re glad our products are helping you reach your goals. But if you feel you need a refund, please read the information below.

Once the order for our digital products is confirmed and the product is delivered, we do not issue refunds for non-tangible, irrevocable goods. It’s important to understand that we deal with digital products, not services, and as such, there is no option to revoke access to the files once they have been received.

The Consumer Rights Act grants consumers the right to file a claim against the seller in the event of a defective digital download. As a seller, we have the authority to provide a refund in instances where a technical issue arises, and we are unable to assist in resolving the matter. Additionally, refunds can be issued if there is a misrepresentation in the product description. In such cases, the refund period extends to 7 days from the date of purchase.

We categorize technical problems into the following types:

  1. Non-delivery of the product: If you encounter issues receiving a delivery email due to mail provider or server issues, we recommend reaching out to us for assistance.

  2. Major defects: While our products undergo thorough testing before release, unforeseen errors may occur. Any such issues should be promptly reported to our technical support team for resolution.

  3. Product not-as-described: Problems falling under this category should be reported to our technical support within 7 days from the date of purchase. To facilitate resolution, clear evidence must be provided to demonstrate that the purchased product does not align with the description on the product page. Please note that complaints based solely on false expectations or desires of the customer will not be honored.

On the preview page of each product, we outline the third-party software, including plug-ins, add-ons, modules, search engines, scripts, extensions, even hosting etc., that is compatible with our products. It’s important to note that we cannot accept responsibility for and, as such, do not entertain refund, return, or exchange requests arising from the incompatibility of our products with third-party software not explicitly specified in our product descriptions.

Upon purchasing any item on our site, it is your responsibility as a customer to be aware of the following situations where we do not have an obligation to provide a refund or credit:

  1. If you change your mind about an item.
  2. If you bought an item by mistake.
  3. If you lack sufficient expertise to use an item.

Our Refund Policy is openly accessible on our website. Please be aware that as a customer, when you make a purchase through our website, you are considered to be informed about and understand our Refund Policy statements.