Sidebar Advertisement

A sidebar advertisement is a promotional message or image displayed on the side of a webpage, often linking to a campaign or product. You usually have to pay for it, and the price might change based on factors like ad size or duration.

We accept sidebar advertisements in the form of anchor text or an image with a live link to your campaign. 

Starting at $170 USD, the price will vary based on the following conditions:

  • The length of the advertisement.
  • The type of products/services.
  • The size of the image, if applicable.
  • Renewable by the end of the campaign period.

Banner advertisers are eligible for a 10% discount when they advertise in for the full year.

Please contact me for further details or drop me an email at

Before order please check our Advertising Terms & Conditions.

Want to share your ideas or have questions? Just ask! We’re happy to hear from you.

Where we place Banner and Sidebar Ads

We have 7 different places to display sidebars and banner ads. In the images below, you can see some locations. It depends on you which locations you choose for ads.

  • Half-page ad (300 x 600): Very large with very high visibility. This ad covers nearly half of a web page.
  • Medium rectangle (300 x 250): This is the type of banner ad most popular with businesses. Works best if placed in the sidebar.
  • Leaderboard (728 x 90): A larger size that is much more noticeable than square banner ads. Is usually placed between content.
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