Import Header into Elementor Pro

You can watch videos to learn how to import the mc Elementor Pro header template. If you don’t want to watch the video tutorial, then you can continue reading the text version below:

YouTube video player

Follow Below Steps

Step 1: Download Elementor Header Template free

Step 2: Make sure you install the following plugin in WordPress

install elementor free & Pro

Step 3: Create Menu in WordPress


Step 4: Unzip File(Extract Zip File) which you are download in step 1


Step 5: Import Elementor Header Pro JSON file Templates > Saved Templates > Click on Import > Click on Choose File > Click on Import


Step 6: Go to Templates > Theme Builder and Add New Header > Click on Edit

create header in Elementor Procreate header in Elementor Pro
Add New Header

Step 7: Click on “Add Template” Icon > My Templates > Click on Insert

Insert template in Elementor

Step 8: Now you can update the logo and menu

update logo and menuupdate logo and menu

Step 9: Click on Publish > add Condition > select entire site > click on Saves & Publish

Publish and Set Condition

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